Food poisoning can be deadly for your furry friend

Loving and taking care of your pet is often expressed through giving them special treats from an assortment of human delicacies. What is crucial to keep in mind is that your pets are animals and cannot process

Pets Don’t Like Bedbugs Either

There has been a lot of news coverage in the past few years about bedbugs. You know, the little bugs that you don’t want visiting your home or sleeping with you in a hotel room. Yes, even

Man’s Best Friend: Which Dog Is The Most Loyal?

For many owners, dogs are the best companions because they have this innate selflessness and desire to love unconditionally and protect their caretakers. There are some breeds that are especially built for protecting you and your family

Faithful Cat Brings Small, Daily Gifts to Deceased Owner

When humans lose a pet, the loss can be devastating. Some people take months or years to recover and are even wary of adopting another pet just out of respect to the memory of their beloved. But

Dog Bites can Be Deadly Regardless of Size

4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year.  Of these, one in five will require medical attention and a whopping 27,000 (in 2012) required reconstructive surgery.  Some even die! Sometimes a dog is not man’s best

Is A Dog Or A Cat A More Loyal Companion?

You’ve heard it before: Cats rule and dogs drool. Or maybe you’ve seen the pictures of those puppy dog eyes begging you not to leave. Figuring out who’s more loyal can be a no-win situation especially when

World’s Best Dogs and Their Respective Countries

No matter the size, no matter the color, dogs are there for us. They are our best friends and they are what we need in life, unconditional love. With so many breeds out there, you might be

Should Westminster Allow Mixed-Breed Dogs Into The Competition?

The Westminster Kennel Club dog show is known for the prestige that comes along with being named best in breed and winning the agility competition but before this year only purebred dogs were allowed to compete. New

How Does Size Factor into Trainability and Intelligence in Dogs?

Many people often wonder just how intelligent their dog really is and whether intelligence is based on the size of the dog.  It is often thought that big dogs, and that the largest dog breeds, are the

How To Remain Positive After The Death Of A Loved One

When you’ve lost someone you love, the last thing you want to hear is “be positive.” It seems like a really tall order in the face of deep sadness. At the same time, it’s a necessary catalyst