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Whale Calf found Dead on St. Paul Island Beach Offers Rare Opportunity for Study

On September 3, 2013 a Killer Whale calf was found washed ashore on the beach of St. Paul Island.   While it is not unusual to find fish dead on the beach, the discovery of this particular whale

States To Limit Patient Cost On Therapy, Therapists Agree

Currently, there is legislation pending in several states that would limit the amount insurers may require to pay for physical, speech or occupational therapy. The legislation raises the question of whether therapy should be provided at the

Mexico and Central America: Great Vacation or Health Risk?

Acapulco used to be the place for tourists to enjoy an exotic Mexican Riviera vacation. But with the headless corpses, tourist rapes, and shootouts, the region has seen the tourist population drop from 350,000 to just over

Job Health: Are High Stress Jobs With High Salaries Worth It?

The age-old consideration of whether to choose a career that has a high amount of stress, but offers many financial rewards, versus a career with far less stress, but does not have nearly as many benefits is

Are Veterinary Schools Harder To Get Into Than Medical Schools?

  It’s been said that getting into vet school is tougher than getting into medical school. There are only 28 veterinary schools in the U.S. and less than 20 percent who apply get accepted. With those statistics,

Three Landmarks That Get The Lions Share Of Attention

There’s no doubt that you’ve seen the pictures and have probably fantasized about taking a trip but haven’t quite gotten around to it. The good news is that in addition to what you’ve heard, there is so