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Going To Latin America? Avoid These Countries Jails…

Far from being secure places of rehabilitation, too many Latin American jails are violent incubators of crime. Keeping with the spirit of old traditions, like the Aztec’s throwing hornets nests at each other during games, Mexico remains

What Does A Forensic Nurse Actually Do?

Although forensic nursing has been in existence in 1976, it has recently enjoyed a surge in demand across the US. In fact, from 2006 to 2010, the job growth for forensic nurses exceeded all other occupations in

Canine Dental Health – How Often Do Dogs Teeth Need Brushing?

Your dog’s teeth need to be kept healthy so that your pet stays healthy as well. Like humans, dogs are subject to gum disease, cavities and other dental ailments which can greatly impair their health and happiness.

Making Your Own Hunting Rifle: How Hard Is It?

Although there are millions of hunting rifles on the market today, you can actually build your own if you wish so that it meets your specifications. You do not need to be a professionally trained gunsmith to

Does the State Need More Help? Apparently it Does in San Francisco

A recent article on revealed a struggle in the San Francisco public defender’s office. Jeff Adachi is the public defender and he begged for two more paralegals or threatened to send homicide cases and other major

Will Non-Doctor Medical Professionals Benefit From The ACA?

By 2020, the need for doctors will outpace the supply and possibly hurt the Affordable Care Act in the long run. It’s estimated that there will be 45,000 less doctors available to help with the estimated influx

Head To Head: Traditional Medicine Vs. Alternative Medicine

Traditional medicine has often been seen as primarily western medicine where patients go to doctors or hospitals to get drugs or surgery while alternative medicine has been put on the periphery and even vilified as ineffectual quackery.

Maine Reduces Air Pollution, Wins Recognition

Diesel emissions represent a huge problem in air pollution.  The emissions that are put off by diesel engines are known or suspected to contribute or cause problems with asthma, heart attack, and respiratory illnesses of various kinds.