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Healthy Rice — Which One Takes The Cake?

In today’s health conscious society, the virtues of grains (specifically rice) and other healthy fruits, vegetables, and nuts have become even more prominent. People are willing to shell out large amounts of money for pills that are

Tips On How To Manage Or Get Rid Of Body Hair

There are lots of different methods available to get rid of unwanted body hair, for instance waxing, sugaring or laser removal. But one of the most easiest and quickest ways to remove body hair is through shaving

Healthy Living: Now With A Degree

There is more and more interest in the nutritional benefits of food. Food plays such a pivotal part in our lives it’s not surprising that many people are now interested in gaining a career in the culinary

Does the State Need More Help? Apparently it Does in San Francisco

A recent article on sfgate.com revealed a struggle in the San Francisco public defender’s office. Jeff Adachi is the public defender and he begged for two more paralegals or threatened to send homicide cases and other major