Healthy Rice — Which One Takes The Cake?

Healthy Rice -- Which One Takes The Cake?

In today’s health conscious society, the virtues of grains (specifically rice) and other healthy fruits, vegetables, and nuts have become even more prominent. People are willing to shell out large amounts of money for pills that are over-hyped and under-effective, as well as other ‘fad-of-the-month’ diets or supplements offering to boost your levels of whichever mineral you are led to believe you aren’t getting enough of.

The world has finally realized that there is more to rice than white or brown. Basmati, jasmine, and wild rice are popular nowadays, too. Long and short grain varieties of these kinds mentioned are available as well. However, the burning question everybody wants answered is: Which grain of rice is the healthiest?

Let’s pause before we answer that question, step back, and take a look at different methods of cooking rice and which method works best to maximize the amount of flavor and nutrition available in rice, no matter what type it is you are focused on cooking. The days of boil-in bags of rice have come and gone; as have the pots ruined by stove tops and absent-minded folk who forgot to time the rice long enough to remember what burnt rice smells like and also how virtually impossible it can be to clean a pot with burnt-on rice. If rice is a staple in your household already, great! If not, you may want to check out this link for a look into the most consistent and efficient way of cooking rice available today-rice cookers.

Now that we have established the best method for cooking rice, you can rest assured that not only will you and your family enjoy a consistently fluffy rice prepared to the specifics of that particular type of rice, you will also be enjoying all the nutrients a certain grain has to offer. To bookend the healthiest rice grain to the one which yields the least nutrients, brown basmati rice offers the highest nutritional return on your time and money.

While short-grain white rice isn’t only bland, it is also the least beneficial rice due to the amount of nutrients that are stripped away during the several processes between when it is harvested and when it makes it into your rice cooker.

No matter which type of rice you are partial toward, a rice cooker will ensure you receive every nutrient and health benefit available.

Healthy Rice — Which One Takes The Cake? Credit Picture License: Nomadic Lass via photopin cc

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